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Shalini (2 posts) • 0

Are there tampons available in Kunming? I've been here for some time now already and there are no tampons to be found anywhere at all. If anyone knows where's it's available, please help me out.

stina (16 posts) • 0

I switched to a diva cup this year, very happy with the change and not having to hunt down tampons anymore. I think you can have it shipped to China from

NingSi (61 posts) • 0

@stina: I never heard of the diva cup before...thanks for the tip! I think I may try that out.

@sarahjean: I just looked it up on taobao and a few vendors carry it (about 208-260 RMB)

Elisa (174 posts) • 0

There are any different menstrual cups on the market, so check taobao to see what all is available. Diva has a lot of market share because it was the first silicone cup on the market, but it's not necessarily the best fit for all. There are two called mooncup and moon cup, Lunette, leLuna, and I've forgotten the rest. Some come in colors. :)

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

Posted in classifieds, but thought someone here may be interested.

A friend is leaving China so I'm helping her sell a huge unopened box of tampons, 84 unscented regular with applicator. Plus an unopened box of waxing strips and an unopened box of all over body wax. (All from the USA)
She is in another city, so i would help arrange postage for you to Kunming. Around 20 yuan for postage. Reasonable offers accepted. Shes leaving on the 19th so would need to sell fairly quickly.
Add my wechat for pics mp_rin

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