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Forums > Living in Kunming > Little razzia at Moondog

It was not about the noise,this week there is a big meeting in kunming,many high officials will come to kunming.the police that were at moondog was being police.showing there face to the loawais and by that showing their power.they will do this for the next 2 or 3 days all over kunming

Forums > Living in Kunming > China tourist visa in Laos

U have to go to Vientiane yourself. Bring a ticket from your flight in and out and a hostelbooking, and u also need to bring I think 2 copies of everything (including passport). Btw, if ur planning on extending ur visa once ur back in China (so don't wanna buy a ticket out of China) u can get a fake one, they advertise for it in all the travelagencies in VT.
It'll take like 4 workingdays. And it doesn't matter how many visa's u had before, just pretend like ur only going to China for travel, don't mention study/work/visaextension/etc.

(this was all 6 months ago)

Forums > Study > Scholarship

Hi everybody!
For next year I want to get a scholarship to study chinese. I've heard about Confusius, but the website is only in Chinese. I wonder if anybody knows at which university they offer this scholarship, so I can go by there, and ask what it is exactly! I have a phonenumber, but every time I call, there is nobody who answers..


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