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Forums > Living in Kunming > Used Bike Market?

Anyone know where to find used bike market(s)? I'd love to find one in the North, but open to traveling to other parts of the city. Want to find a bigger bike for my 6 year old.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming with Kids

Alien, I got your previous messages. Our kids ARE learning Chinese, and even attend a Chinese kindergarten—though not full time.

I love them playing with Chinese kids, and we even have some Chinese families in the group already.

The goal isn't to create a homogeneous group, but a place for parents to connect within Kunming. Group activities will hopefully be a part of things, but there are also many other benefits to being connected.

Silvio, I live in the North, but we are inviting parents from all over. I'm personally not opposed to hopping the subway down to Chenggong for a fun activity. Also, because this is a group—anyone is invited to plan an event, so if someone feels that they would like to plan something in their neck of the woods, they should definitely feel free.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming with Kids

Tuna, are you talking about a group chat?
I don't see any other group options on my wechat account. But I'm FAR from proficient with wechat.

I have a personal account associated with my phone number, but I'd rather keep that personal...

...if I'm missing some important functionality here, please enlighten me. I'm just not finding it.

Alex, we've only been able to install it on our phones. We have an English version from the google play store.

Lastly, had to switch that page to a facebook group instead. Here's the new link. Technical issues and set up aren't my strong point, but I think the idea is worth working through the rough spots. :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming with Kids

I actually think that's a great idea... but as I understand it, without an official ID number, I'd need help setting up a page from someone who has one.

And I don't fully understand wechat, so if anyone is volunteering to set that up... :)


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