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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Tiger leaping gorge hike with kids

Thanks for sharing your feedbk guys, Lanajot and tigertigerathome!

I'll have to think about it a little more as my kids are sedentary creatures at heart!

But the one day hike might be doable.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Tiger leaping gorge hike with kids

I'm thinking about taking my kids to TLG in Jan.

Is it possible to do a two day hike, maybe a few hours the first day, stay overnight, and then head back down on day 2?

Suggestions for a place to stay for this kind of abbreviated hike?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Western-Trained, Profession Dentists in Kunming

I went to two dentists in KM who didn't offer teeth cleanings to kids (they just see kids if there's a problem).

Perhaps just a cultural difference (as I'm used to two cleanings per year in my home country as a general standard if you have insurance).

Has anyone ever taken their kids JUST to get a teeth cleaning here in KM?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Gynecologist recommendations in Kunming?

Has anyone had an annual exam and pap smear test done at the KM Angel Women and Children Hospital?

Or Richland?

Or anywhere they would recommend.

Doesn't need to be English speaking though of course that would be an added convenience.

If you remember how much it cost that would also be helpful info.



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