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Dodgy blind massage shifu

pampoen (2 posts) • 0

I have been going for massages at the Blind massage guys on Wen Hua Xiang and Wenlin Jie many times in the past, in fact i hardly ever go anywhere else. Up until yesterday i have had nothing but good service from them, but after yesterday I feel I have to put out a bit of a warning to girls, especially

foreign girls wanting to go there.

The older man, oldest man as far as I can tell, who is quite tanned, has bad teeth and is totally blind, should be steered very very clear of.
He has taken liberties with massaging the front of my shoulders, ie the pectoral muscles, in a very disturbing way.

He first just massaged "accidentally" close to my boobs on the insertion points of the pec, close to where the arm joins the torso, but after releasing the muscle knots along my collar and chest bone he shoved his whole hand into my T shirt and grabbed my boob with no shame. He continued chatting away as if nothing is wrong and I got such a fright that I actually assumed he must have done it by accident.

However in hindsight I realised this was no accident but rather a well practiced maneuver, he is blind sure, but after having been a masseur for decades surely he knows where what is on a woman's chest.
Its also worth mentioning that this was early morning when there was not another soul in that studio up there. Bad idea.

So, spread the warning, do not go up to that studio alone, and do not the old man touch you. He also gave a friend of mine a very "intimate" massage around her crotch area when she was suffering from leg pain.

James.B.C (5 posts) • 0

wow.that really is a dodgy man.
actually,we Chinese dont go into these so called massage room at all.who knows if it real or not ?i dont trust them,at least.
anyway,u got a lesson already and dont be got cheated again.just be careful~
good luck to u,pampoen,hehe

tommann (423 posts) • 0

The ones around Wenlin Jie say "Bind Massage." Imagine the possibilities!

aaronb (54 posts) • 0

@james B. c. I have been to dozens of massage places, seen lots of customers, and everyone of them Chinese. So I am baffled by your statement that Chinese people don't go there.

@ P
I think it would be worth complaining about, just to help out other future female customers. I believe I know the place and I would go with you. If his co-workers know, it would make him less likely to do it to other people in the future.

pampoen (2 posts) • 0

Hi aaronb
thanks for offering to help, I appreciate it. I have gone yesterday with a chinese friend and we spoke to the laoban. The laoban has made the co-workers aware of it and this man will no longer be allowed to work with the female customers.
Hopefully this will not happen again.

gbtexdoc (218 posts) • 0

@Pampoen, Please let us know what massage shop this was. (Give accurate location information, not just "The Blind Massage Guys on Wenhua Xiang and Wenlin Jie.")

I'm sure you are not implying that inappropriate behavior goes on in all blind massage shops. Please be specific so as to avoid tarring them all with the same brush.

You wouldn't want to post "I ate at a really bad restaurant. It was somewhere near Green Lake. Be sure not to go there."

DaMiao (66 posts) • 0

My wife bought a membership for a years worth of foot massages at a rather upscale place near the Gingko on Baita Lu. One day there was a new older gentleman working. My wife was enjoying her foot massage, laying back with her eyes shut when she felt kind of a strange sensation in her toes. When she opened her eyes and sat up, the guy was sucking on her toes!!!She kicked him up side the head, sending him flying, before dragging him whimpering to the laoban.He's really lucky that she didn't break his nose or jaw like he deserved for sexually assaulting her. She was certainly capable of it. Needless to say he doesn't work there anymore and I would bet that wherever he is, that he inquires during his small talk routine whether or not the ladies have studied martial When assaulted, have the means at your disposal to strike back. A simple wrist lock when he grabbed your "pec" would have solved this problem,especially if you torqued just a little more than necessary and actually broke his wrist,elbow or shoulder. No massages for a while and a bit of explaining if he wanted to pursue the matter further.

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