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Forums > Living in Kunming > place that can print words on clothes?

ok,here it is.
Yes i think i really know some palces that can meet ur needs. U wanna print some words on ur T-shirts, right? Now u got the right person~

here r the places can do this kind of work u wanted(but im not sure if u can read Chinese,do u ?):

1\大观商业城二楼 Daguan commercial city on the second floor, u can go from the big stair up,and ask the 5th store on the left is located in Daguan street.Hope the store is still be there cuz i just knew it 3 years ago;

2\小菜园146号林招园写字楼4431located inXiao Caiyuan,named Lin Zhaoyuan for no. 146 for the office buildiing on the fourth floor, room 431

3\南坝路口中段 Crossing the middle of Nanba Rd. and u can find some small stores can help u do this job.

Jessica,I know u r living in Beichen area,that means the second choice should be the nearest from u,and it will be ok if u dont know how to take bus to get those places.Oh, by the way, i really dont remember how much the price u should pay for that,but in my impression of the past,it wont be higher than 40 RMB,cheaper maybe.there is something about the number of ur t-shirts and of course u can bargain with them.I suggest u can go and have a look first and if there is anything i can help,just tell me.

That's all.may these above thing can help u to complete ur wish.and wish u lucky honestly.


Forums > Living in Kunming > place that can print words on clothes?

hi Jessica,im sorry that i cant send my email to ur email address,is the urs ?

if there is another email address u can recieve the email,just write to me again pls,and i can reply u asap.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Dodgy blind massage shifu

wow.that really is a dodgy man.
actually,we Chinese dont go into these so called massage room at all.who knows if it real or not ?i dont trust them,at least.
anyway,u got a lesson already and dont be got cheated again.just be careful~
good luck to u,pampoen,hehe


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