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Lawn Care Services

gaoxing (63 posts) • 0

When I was in Kunming, I didn't see anyone cutting the grass or maintaining the grassy parts of the city.

Do you think a lawn care services company would do well in Kunming or the surrounding areas?

If so, I will bring my equipment over there and start a business.

no way (104 posts) • 0

oh, gaoxing, what is this latest dream?
gettin' laid like a lawncare professional?

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

You are referring to the public areas right? In that case, someone is employed to cut the grass there - ditto for the public areas in residential quarters. Unfortunately I don't think a lawn care company would get many private customers - for starters, I don't think I've seen a single freestanding home in Kunming or any other Chinese city for that matter, everyone lives in either an apartment or a townhouse, usually with no garden or something very minimalist.

gaoxing (63 posts) • 0

I guess when the gov't owns and controls pretty much everything, a lawn care service is not a good idea unless I can market it as a third-party contractor for the government.

tigertiger - moderator (5080 posts) • 0

For a moment I thought this was a duplicate posting about topiary 'down there'.

But back to the original topic of gardening.
We get our lawns cut, our flowers tended, our trees pruned, and everything watered and weeded for 600RMB/year. Unless you can compete with that, I don't think you have a chance.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

I hear they're always looking for people to work the brick kilns. Dunno about the pay but you get 4 days off a year and all the mud you can eat.

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