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Kunming Heating

Grassshopper (12 posts) • 0

Greetings all. Just wondering how the hell you heat the apartments during the winter in Kunming? I have not yet landed there but have heard there is no central heating. Any tricks or suggestions?


lovemycats (9 posts) • 0

Yeah~,there is no central heating, because we don't need that when winter. Have you heard "the city of enternal spring?"
But actually, it is a bit cold during winter, so, you can choose a personal heater in surper market.

Wocca (20 posts) • 0

Because Kunming is 2000 metres above sea level, electric radiators can dry up the air inside your apartment, and leave you gasping for oxygen, epsecially while you sleep. The trick is to place a container of water in front of the heater (not too close, of course).

onebir (44 posts) • 0

"Yeah~,there is no central heating, because we don't need that when winter."
Erm, this may be true if you wear 3 layers of underwear & have a nose that can cope with air at close to 0 deg C. Otherwise you'll find it very cold at unpredictable times, depending on the amount of cloud cover...

lovemycats (9 posts) • 0

Kunming weather is typically mild, except for two months of hot days usually around April and May and two months of cold nights and chilly days typically spanning from late December to early February. Otherwise, high temperatures average around 21°C (69°F) and lows are typically around 10°C (50°F). Weather in Kunming is influenced heavily by Indian monsoons as well as weather patterns in Tibet to the northwest.

Maybe that is not so correct, but only few days' temperatures can't reach 10°C, maybe less than one month a year. So, why do you think we need the central heating which we don't ues it more than 11 monthes a year?
I admit that this year's relatively unusual climate. So, I think onebir is a foreigner and just arrived here shortly. I think if we have the unusual climate next ten years, we will need central heating.

dianjing (17 posts) • 0

Lovemycats, to you central heating may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but in developed countries it's quite standard, even in areas with climates as warm as Kunming's. Try it - you'll like it.

andre (13 posts) • 0

I'm new to town, but i can say its uncomfortable if the sun isnt shining in these november days. Shanghai areas doesnt have central heating either, but the inefficent aircons can blow a warm wind - it helps a little bit.

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