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First and foremost...gaoxing. you clearly are not a happy person. good luck with that.

bucko... apologies. but, my intelligence will never be in question as long as the bi-polar condition does not set in as is gaoxing's. with that in mind... i thought government was the people... in theory? and so, society is a direct reflection of government. no? for the people and by the people? anyway, no tagging here from me anymore. people are people no matter what. regardless of what we have been exposed to from birth under any government. true? apologies again for using the U.S. as an example. any country including my own (Canada) and China could be used as an example. even though one is born into a society of a certain society (government) we are all children of the universe on this thing we call earth. hence, i refer to something said earlier about "us" and "them". do you really think because you are born on a tiny speck of the earth called "china", "america", "canada", "Britain" that you "are" one of those? come one. wake up. we are all born of this Planet "we" call EARTH! as for all the society crap...it is just different layers of the onion my friend. try not to cry too much...it is the way it should be.
so, what was the original subject? the lonely kid not so gaoxing?


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It is now one year and 2 days since. We were about to embark on a journey here on earth as brothers. A part of you decided to part ahead of time (whatever time is).........

Perhaps time travel will unite those who have a will to.

For Arun, wherever you are, a link to a newly discovered observation of a scene in the Documents section of the box set of Charlie Chaplin's films.

It is my hope that all of you behind the great firewall can access this link: www.disclose.tv/[...]

If not then at least try to create your own "worm-whole" and search "time traveler charlie chaplin" or something to that effect. It seems the "observer/subject" has something to share.

Lest we forget.

In and of love, honour, trust, loyalty and peace,


For my brothers JieSan and Jack. Forever rest in peace. RongJie, XinMin, forever respect and gratitude. I love you with all my heart. Wish i could be there for Oct.7. but in spirit...will be.

Canadian Jason.


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