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or ?

chris (144 posts) • 0

When texting or typing the Kunming dialect, which is the better character to use for the particle 'ga'? or ?

I used for years and now use , but have seen people using recently so am not so sure.

Is there an 'official' ga in Kunming hua?

DanTheMan (608 posts) • 0

谢谢你嘎 gets 610,000 results in 谷歌 while 谢谢你噶 only gets 314,000...so there's some evidence that both are used but is more prevalent. A local opinion would be nice.

thatguyted (34 posts) • 0

according to my 昆明话词典, the particle 'ga' is always . but i've also seen used, but that was about 3 years ago. there's also another sentence-final particle 'gae' (short 'a' as in 'bat') which is written as a character i can't find in my input system... it's a with a .

but to answer your question, i don't think there's a prescriptive "official" flavor to kunminghua. you will probably only get a descriptive answer, one that describes current popular use. when kunmingers see my kunminghua dictionary, they invariably laugh and are dismissive of the idea. most refuse to touch the book.

chris (144 posts) • 0

@thatguyted: Interesting.... where did you buy that dictionary and are there any more left? Thanks!

thatguyted (34 posts) • 0

a friend of mine got it online somewhere. apparently it was kinda hard to find. you can borrow my copy if you want. PM me if so.

outsider (35 posts) • 0

Chris, keep using the one you've used for years, the one with most result in Google as DantheMan finds. (Sorry, don't know how to type chinese from my computer, sounded dumb, I know). I say this because it reflects most accurately the pronunciation of the tone, and it was the only one I have ever seen back when I was living in China, if it ever even appeared in written form. To add the credibility on this opinion, I must tell you that I am a Chinese American, and a native kunminger to the bargain. Locals are not interested in how these words would be written because this kind of words only used in dialogue. They only appear in written forms mostly in recent years more because of the local entertainment industry's interest in productions reflect local lives, like some TV and radio shows.

And thatguyted, the other word you mentioned is the result of the accent from northeast Yunnan and further that direction into Guizhou and Sichuan, almost an equivalent of the ge in kunminghua.

Dagoutuo (10 posts) • 0

Hey guys, isn't it most people just use the first character of the pinyin input system when they type 'ga'. I am using because my sougou pinyin input gives me it when I type 'ga' and i can't be bothered to choose from the list.

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