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Hey guys, isn't it most people just use the first character of the pinyin input system when they type 'ga'. I am using because my sougou pinyin input gives me it when I type 'ga' and i can't be bothered to choose from the list.

Forums > Living in Kunming > good VPN service?

Thanks Greginchina the L2TP/IPSec sounds great but I don't really use facebook on my phone here so i guess i'd stick to the OpenVPN.

Also many thanks to kickkick for reminding me to change the config for the ultravpn!! It's now working again!!!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > good VPN service?

Thanks LaoBenDan, the works but the only reason I refuse to use it is because it has a tiny little usage allowance which doesn't even allow you to visit sites such as youtube, nor to stalk your friends' photos on facebook as it claims you will use a lot of traffics by seeing many pictures. The strongvpn looks quite good, a little expensive though, what about Linkideo or Witopia?


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