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Dai restaurant

DanTheMan (619 posts) • 0

Can I get some votes for your favorite Dai restaurants? I've been to a few decent ones, but don't remember where they were. For now I'm stuck with the mediocre one on Yuanxi Lu.

flengs (108 posts) • 0

My current favorite is in Kundu. I forgot the name but it's opposite the 'frozen yogurt' place on the corner next to the movie bar. The owner is from Mangshi and the food is excellent. Always crowded so if you are planning to go with a big group you might reserve a table. They only wait till 19:00 though.

According to a friend of mine the best Dai food is to be found in some place in the west. I don't know the address, as soon as I get a hold of it I can let you know. Cheers!

DanTheMan (619 posts) • 0

Thanks! I've eaten at one in Kundu that I liked pretty well, but can't remember exactly where it was. Might be the same one.

Krismoonpie (80 posts) • 0

There used to be a great Dai restaurant on Qing Yun Jie opposite Ginko Elite and Moonlight corner. That location closed some time ago but the same woman has recently reopened her restaurant as a cooperation with HouGu Coffee inside the big yellow Jiang Wu Tang complex on the side of Green Lake. Just walk into the parking area and look for the big HouGu Coffee place. It doesn't look like a Dai restaurant when you walk in but I assure you it is. They have pretty much the same menu that they had on Qing Yun Jie, good stuff. My favorite Dai in Kunming.

ludwig (104 posts) • 0

I like the one on Luofengjie: walk up from Green Lake towards the zoo/Yuantongjie and turn right into Luofengjie at the second intersection. It is about 100m in on the right hand side.

Smillz (31 posts) • 0

I agree whole heartedly with ludwig- the one on Luofengjie is awesome, and not overly greasy like a lot of the other places I've been. Best Ol' Granny Potatoes ever!

flengs (108 posts) • 0


I think I'll do everyone a massive favor by mentioning my new favorite Dai restaurant. It's a little way out of the center, but it's completely worth the travel and the extra money, for it's about twice as expensive as a normal Dai. Definitely worth it!

It's called:

They have two places:

西山店西山区兴苑路(西山区人民法院对面) tel: 0871-8191156 / 6725761

高新旗舰店高新区海源北路贵研办公楼1(云师大商学院对面) tel: 0871-8334320

Try the fried chicken. Let me know what you think!

DanTheMan (619 posts) • 0

Haven't tried Laodianmian320 yet, but I tried the place inside of Hogood coffee. Apparently the old owner from Qingyun Jie is no longer involved and it is slow, overpriced and not tasty at all.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Hogood is nogood.

This place down off Dianchi Lu is pretty good, though: www.gokunming.com/en/listings/item/man_202/

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