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Response to "gaoxing"

bonethug (3 posts) • 0

A response to "gaoxing" is sure to come along, not that I want to be the first to do it, but here you go. First, I would like to point out that this person is the same user who finds it necessary to use the gokunming classifieds to find a partner:


By the way, it's good to know that chivalry didn't die with you, gaoxing.

"This is how our evening would work out:

I will buy you a nice dinner and have a nice converstation with you.

After dinner, we can go back to your place or we can get a hotel room (I will pay for the room) and have a night filled with pleasure, excitement, and passion."

I've taught English to the Salvador's staff for almost three years now, and I'm happy to continue to do it. But let me tell you, gaoxing, none of us are trying to impress you. Many of us "regulars" have been in China for years and many of us consider this our home. Just because some foreigner fresh off the boat wants to chat doesn't mean we want to engage them, or we would have anything in common to engage them with.

So, we're all "douche bags" in your eyes. Well, perhaps you should take a moment to consider why we regulars are a little reluctant to strike up a friendship with a newly arrived foreigner. All too often, they turn out to be misogynistic tourists who have no interest in China beyond getting laid by a local or getting drunk. Maybe you should take a look in the mirror and think about who really is the douche.

Chris Taylor (4 posts) • 0


As one of the Salvador's douche-bags, I feel obliged to extend a heartfelt apology, as do we all. If we'd only known that all you wanted -- as a fellow foreigner, with social-anxiety issues and having a hard time meeting girls and all -- was some hot, steamy sex with some local girls (boys, even), we'd have helped out, man. Honestly, we would have, really. We just didn't know.


The Douche-bag Collective

debaser (647 posts) • 0

I don't know why i'm wasting my time on this...

first of all, i wouldn't consider myself a Salvador's 'regular'. i do however like the place and go there quite often. maybe there's another place with the same name because the people there seemed decent enough to me.

Gaoxing, you're an idiot. what were you thinking when you started posting abusive threads? what did you hope to gain? you're classified in dating was nothing short of ridiculous whatever your social issues may be. so now you're leaving to find easier women? good luck to you. good riddance! ...you won't be missed so just leave quietly and stop wasting your precious time.

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