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As one of the Salvador's douche-bags, I feel obliged to extend a heartfelt apology, as do we all. If we'd only known that all you wanted -- as a fellow foreigner, with social-anxiety issues and having a hard time meeting girls and all -- was some hot, steamy sex with some local girls (boys, even), we'd have helped out, man. Honestly, we would have, really. We just didn't know.


The Douche-bag Collective

Forums > Living in Kunming > Marriage advice

Just ignore Dan, Chingis. He lost the plot in Hanoi. It seems obvious to me that the place to do this is the Hump, with catering by Chapter One (they do a superb banana chicken).

Is that case of beer cold?


Forums > Food & Drink > Business Behaviour in KMG A word of advice for Francesca's BOX

It must be terrible to be a high-flying executive in Kunming with an expense account to pad out, only to discover -- shock, horror -- that the pizza and Dali beers will actually have to come out of your own pocket. My deepest condolences.

You can buy fapiao on the black market, btw. That's what Chinese executives do.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hey Morons!

Everyone here has a good point. But, as one of those present and who was aware that the guy in question was a disaster waiting to happen, I think we have a responsibility to head these things off before they become a problem. It's a pain in the ass, but, given where we are, we have to police our own community somewhat.


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There will be stock at Mandarin Books in Kunming, but probably not for another couple of weeks.


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