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Amateur photography

Kiwi3 (61 posts) • 0


Any other amateur photographers here?

Would be fun to head out with our cameras in a group photographing different locations, if anyone else is interested.

If others reply I will organise something.

NYC1983 (10 posts) • 0

Hi Kiwi,

Sound interesting. I like to join you if you are thinking about doing one day trip because I work every other day (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). So I am only available Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.


Geezer (1947 posts) • 0

Sounds like a great idea. I like the day trip idea for photo taking. I have been looking for a car and driver and locations.

Kiwi3 (61 posts) • 0

Looks like there is some interest. I was thinking of meeting somwhere in central Kunming, e.g. Jinbi square, somewhere with old buildings or good old Cuihu.

I will post a classified so that you guys can reply and I can get your emails. Please reply to my classified with mobile number so I can then get in touch with you, and preferred days/times.

zlif23 (159 posts) • 0

hi, I love taking photos. But my camera is a simple digital one. I have time on weekends and I have a car so we can go outside the city. where is your classified thread?

Kiwi3 (61 posts) • 0

Thanks to those who have emailed me so far. Most people seem to prefer weekends, although some people are teaching during the day. I am therefore looking at Sunday evening, perhaps 6pm so those who teach can hopefully come after work. I will email everyone with a specific time and meeting place later this week.

In the meantime if anyone else is interested please email me as per the classified.



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