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A good English speaking doctor?

Tiger (66 posts) • 0

Judging from the very large number of medical doctors that I've taught over the years, every hospital in Kunming has someone, especially the 'teaching' hospitals.

Unfortunately, most of them suffer from the usual 'face saving' lack of confidence in speaking ... until forced to communicate.

It's rare to find, in Kunming, a General Practitioner similar to those in most western countries. Although, I suspect that this will change eventually.

Dr. Zhao (1 post) • 0

Welcome to the first people's hospital of Kunming,Qing nian Road 504. I am a Hepato-biliary-pancreato-surgeon. I have been a obsever in Minnesoda University Fairview for a year. I hope I can help you. My cellpone is 15877990896.

seahorse62 (141 posts) • 0

If I needed an English speaking doctor, I would go to the international clinic near the south entrance of Daguan Park. The north entrance is where the huge Farris Wheel is. Across from that entrance is a river. If you drive back to Jin Hua Pu Lu, you can cross that river then take an immediate right. Go down the village road under the second ring road and you will see a 4 story gray building on your right a kilometer or so down the road. The international clinic is in that building. The clinic is staffed with American doctors.

iliveinkm (5 posts) • 0

It is heard that Richland is an International hospital and it looks really nice. However, there are a few times no English speaking doctor when we visited there. And the price of medicine are higher than other places.

OceanOcean (1181 posts) • 0

I used Richland hospital for some time. They were friendly and there was little waiting to see an English-Speaking doctor. They were able to perform a wide variety of (fairly expensive) tests. However, I didn't get any better and some of their "treatments" made things worse over time. I'm afraid I lost confidence in them after 3-4 months. On my final visit they couldn't find an English-speaking doctor and I haven't been back since. .... just my personal experience to add to the advice!

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