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Forums > Study > All schools to charge 8000 per semester?

I went to Keats yesterday and met with the president of Keats. By August 12 5pm, they have not received any officially written notice from the government to impose restrictions on tuition fee to 8000yuan per semester. She also said that 4000yuan for 20 weeks is a very reasonable price and they will not raise their prices.

Forums > Study > All schools to charge 8000 per semester?

Calm down!!! I have received firm information from a reputable language school that it is impossible that the government will require the schools to raise the prices to 8000yuan per semester.

In order to promote the private schools' education in China, Chinese Education Department has a law named "民办教育促进法" N0.37 states clearly that private schools are free to set their own prices ("民办学校对接受学历教育的受教育者收取费用的项目和标准由学校制定,报有关部门批准并公示对其他受教育者收取费用的项目和标准由学校制定,报有关部门备案并公示。")

Besides, Yunnan Provincial Education Bureau also has a law named "关于规范民办教育收费管理工作通知", states clearly that non-degree private schools can decide how much tuition and fees they themselves want to charge. ("非学历教育的学费住宿费收费标准由民办教育自行确定。") In other words, there is no upper limit or lower limit for tuition fees for private schools in China and the schools are free to charge any reasonable prices.

It is impossible that the government will break through the laws, to intervene the price charging and force schools to charge 8000yuan per semester. Some schools might raise their prices, which is understandable because it is the school's right to raise prices. Having said that, I think most schools will not raise prices. Therefore, let's rest assured!

Forums > Living in Kunming > A good English speaking doctor?

It is heard that Richland is an International hospital and it looks really nice. However, there are a few times no English speaking doctor when we visited there. And the price of medicine are higher than other places.

Forums > Study > Accomodation Near Yunnan Normal University

Firstly, from my foreign friends who studied in both Yunnan University (YNU)and Yunnan Normal University (YNNU), the YNNU is better from YUN in teaching and study enviroment. And I have visited YNNU one year ago, it seemed there were not too many students there during that time.

For accomodation, I strongly recommend The Hump which is in the city center and really popular in Kunming, you can take direct bus No.98 to go to YNNU.


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