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Any licensed English/Western Doctor in Kunming?

noonenoone (2 posts) • 0

We need a private doctor based in Kunming to take DNA sample of my mother (I assume it would be dried saliva or hair). The test kit will be posted from UK with prepaid postage to send back. We checked with a few private clinic and none of them is willing to do it ( maybe due to unfamiliarity with the test). Does anyone know if we can find an English or Western doctor in Kunming who could help us? Thank you

lemon lover (1006 posts) • 0

I don’t know the DNA test you are using but in general they are saliva based or slime from the inside of the mouth. Usual pretty straight forwards and no medical knowledge is required.
Normally these test come with clear instructions how to use them so simply wait for it to arrive and read the instructions.
In the unlikely case that qualified medical staff is required you can try:

JanJal (1243 posts) • 0

Usually the requirement for medical professional to take, seal, and sign the sample arises from said sample being needed for some legal purposes, necessitating an added layer of trust. In such case there may be extra paperwork worth more trouble than taking the sample itself.

Reading between the lines, this doesn't sound like such case. But in a remote chance it is, the legal context may create an obstacle for any doctor legally employed in China - foreign or not.

noonenoone (2 posts) • +1

Hi Lemon lover: It’s legal requirement the sample needs to be collected by a doctor because the evidence and report are for court hearing purpose. I will give the clinic a call tomorrow from the link you shared - I think they should be able to help. Thanks a lot!

Janjal: You are right it’s quite complicated in terms of paperwork. But it has been done before in a different city and all docs are in place and we just need a doctor to do a mouth swap and seal and post it! Thanks!

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