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Receiving WeChat payment

DanTheMan (617 posts) • 0

Apparently, based on the experience of many people in WeChat groups I'm in, including a few people I know personally, it is not actually necessary to link a second bank card. Deregistering WeChat pay and re-activating will solve the problem and allow you to receive payments again. Follow these instructions: mp.weixin.qq.com/s/kb4Ge3Gler1ucPJV9rv6cA

AlPage48 (1332 posts) • 0

It appears this recent change affects more than just transfers.

I have routinely kept a small balance on WeChat for payment in shops so as to avoid many small transactions through my bank account.
Yesterday I noticed the two transactions I did went instead to my bank account.

When I saw this post today I checked the payment options and saw the notation "You need to further verify your identity to continue paying with Balance", however it does not offer any way in which to verify my identity.

This is confusing!

AlPage48 (1332 posts) • 0

Some further thoughts.
I've played around with making payments and transfers.

No problem paying a utility from my bank account, but it won't let me pay anything from "balance".
The original post was about the inability to receive a transfer, and those transfers would go to "balance".

It appears that either sending or receiving to/from "balance" is blocked.

I was able to withdraw the full balance into my bank account.
I checked my AliPay account and it does not harass me about paying a vendor from "balance", which is good because that's now I pay for the bus/subway now.

michael2015 (757 posts) • 0

I got hit with this, this morning.

The error message stated the same thing they told my daughter yesterday - it's a national requirement...sigh...

I de-linked my bank card and re-added it - no joy. Off to the bank this afternoon to open a second account. I wonder if this will similarly affect Alipay?

bubblyian (79 posts) • 0

I followed the instructions on the link (dantheman's message), and it worked!!! I have re-added the same card I used before and was able to receive payments again!

AlPage48 (1332 posts) • 0

OK, I went through that complete deletion and setup of WeChat pay, which I had done as recently as June.

It worked for me and no longer wants "additional information".

I just gave it back the same information it had to begin with!
Thanks to DanTheMan and Bubblyian for their advices.

michael2015 (757 posts) • 0

Well. That was really strange. After deleting, then re-adding my original bank card, which failed to resolve the 2nd bank card message, while at the bank opening my second account (lower CNY and USD limits for a second card - CNY 10k per day and CNY 200k per year for FOREX transactions, to include receiving USD), my WeChat magically opened without the "second bank card" confirmation requirement.

Oh well, just in case, I now a second bank card, but won't add it to WeChat unless once again mandated by the government.

sunjiangyu (19 posts) • 0

Mine suddenly started working again today without adding a new card or deleting and renewing my information... Wonder if it was because everybody was freaking out about it yesterday. Anybody else have it go back to normal?

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