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Visa office on Toudong

livinginchina (231 posts) • 0

I went on Monday the 1st. with my wife with the intent to ask when I should come to renew my visa which was to end on the 15th of this month.

It was unexpected that on that same day I was able to apply for a new visa. Not being sure,

I brought all my documents just in case and it paid off. So I have an answer as to how long or short can you renew you visa. Just be prepared.

JanJal (1237 posts) • 0

A residence permit (temporary) is possible to renew months in advance, if there is even semi-good reason.

Say, you will be travelling elsewhere for couple of months, or like in my case my passport will expire in 2023 so already this year they reminded to renew next time (in 2022) a few months earlier so that I can get the 1-year RP until my passport expiration.

tigertigerathome (170 posts) • 0

In the past, I have heard of people being denied renewal if they left it to the last week. Since then I have usually applied 3 weeks before expiry, and it has usually taken two weeks to get the new visa.

At the moment things are quiet and processing time may well be a bit shorter, but I wouldn't risk it if I didn't have to. If I remember correctly the new visa was dated for one calendar year beyond the expiry date of the old visa, I didn't lose the weeks worth of cover. However, this was for a renewal at the appointed time, not an early renewal, as in the case in the above post. The last time I applied was May 2021.

livinginchina (231 posts) • 0

Your right Tiger. I wouldn't chance it. Just go in person and ask and you will get the answer straight from the horse's mouth.

livinginchina (231 posts) • 0

Went and picked up my new visa. The visas now have a picture of you (the one that you took and gave them). I think this is much better. Then went to the police station and gave them a copy and received a new registration printout. All went well.

jopasny (184 posts) • 0

@livinginchina you mentioned the fee was 800, but did you mean 400? Just renewed mine in October and it was 400 for spousal RP, same for the last 5 years.

sunjiangyu (24 posts) • 0

It was 400 for one year and 800 for two the last time I checked. You need a health check for two years but don't for one. I've renewed twice for the one year and didn't need a health check for either.

livinginchina (231 posts) • 0

It's 800 Rmb. I have the wechat receipt. 😂
The last time it was also 800 rmb. My

visa was for for 3 years because at 60+ you get that option. I've been married for 14 years and prior to my 60th birthday I too was paying 400 rmb with a health check. I hope this clarifies it. Frankly after 3 years, I expected the price to have gone up. BTW I wanted the visa with the longest option. If they had a 5 year visa, I would have gone with that option. But since my passport expires in 2024 my visa expires a little short of 3 years. I personally like to visit the visa office as little as possible.😂😂😂

tigertigerathome (170 posts) • 0

@livinginchina, do you meet the criteria for the permanent residence card? If you do it might be worth applying. Permanent residence cards are actually attainable for mere mortals now, you don't need to be a captain of industry, diplomat, or research professor anymore.

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