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Covid vaccine mandatory for all adults?

Ricklane (39 posts) • +3

A quick update on Lincang, Puer, and Xishuangbanna's current travel restrictions as Yunnan reported 41 new infections (not counting asymptomatic) for July 19.

65 new confirmed cases for China (19 asymptomatic). This is a new high for China since January, "driven by a surge in imported infections." As reported in various news outlets, Myanmar has been experiencing a more serious outbreak as of late:


"Yunnan vice-governor Zong Guoying promised on Sunday to establish a “fortress of iron” to stop further transmissions as he visited Ruili.

In the prefecture of Xishuangbanna, which also shares a long and porous border with Myanmar, police have set up checkpoints on all roads to inspect all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Travel outside Xishuangbanna’s urban centre of Jinghong was discouraged, and special permits were also required to enter neighbouring cities of Lincang and Puer, as well as Ruili, police told Reuters during a recent visit."




Whether or not such restrictive policies are set to stone, or may abruptly change, might depend on the unpredictable covid situation for higher risk areas. Predicting the uncertain future with certainty may be a tall order, even for experts. For now, we should follow the fluctuating data and timely government announcements.

lemon lover (1006 posts) • +1

And then your choice is a website that peddles conspiracy theories including “The Big Lie” and has no journalistic value at all.
Sorry pal but that is of no value to us.

What is the value of, and I quote here from the website you referred to:
“But Communist China announced it will not force citizens to be vaccinated for the Wuhan Virus.
What’s wrong with these people?“

Do I have to spell it out to you?

1: It is China, not communist China. Like it is the “USA” and not the “Capitalist USA”.
2: Wuhan Virus. The thing is called “SARS CoV 2” and the decease “COVID-19”. Wuhan Virus and China Virus are terms used by Trump and carry a political meaning.
3: “What is wrong with these people” Looks like a reference to Chinese people. It would be more appropriate to have this phrase referring to US citizens.

livinginchina (232 posts) • -2

So you are the one who decides what is of value? You're delusional. Which Gokunming had a block feature. You're one negative dude.

Tom69 (151 posts) • 0

Good to see the national government stepping in and once again re-iterating the voluntary nature of the vaccination rollout. China is in many ways a lot more reasonable than many so-called "democratic" countries like Italy and France, which plan to introduce vaccine passports for taking part in everyday non-essential activities soon.

lemon lover (1006 posts) • 0

Only one post ago you mentioned “freedom of choice” and now you wish (I presume that’s what you mean with “Which”) to block me?
Please take the GoKunming reader serious and don’t come with something you read on thegatewaypundit, protrumpnews, Algora, breitbart or heard from Tucker Carlson on Fox or on Infowars.

Ricklane (39 posts) • 0

Covid testing has become mandatory for everyone in Dali. Mass disinfection visible on street roads. Official status has yet been announced by the local government there.

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