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Eye exam/New glasses

kc430kc430 (77 posts) • 0

My current glasses are no longer working, need new ones. They have progressive lenses. Do I go to the eye hospital in Kunming to get a new prescription? It's also been years since I had a routine eye checkup, for macular degeneration, glacucoma, all the usual stuff. Is that done at the hospital? Do I need to make an appointment?

RaymondZZ (5 posts) • 0

About eye examination, if you want to get a comprehensive examination report, you need to go to the ophthalmology department of the hospital.

But no matter whether you have a hospital inspection report or not, you can buy glasses suitable for you at any regular optical shop in Kunming.

Regular optical shop now has an ophthalmologist to provide you with advice on the choice of glasses.

Geezer (1949 posts) • +2

Bright Eye Hospital on Longquan Road, about 200 meters south of Baiyuan Road and Carrefour, solved my difficult and tricky post-stroke vision problem. How difficult? In the US, I need the lenses hand-made at $1,400 USD a pair. Bright Eye did better work than glasses I had made in California, and Hong Kong, or Beijing, for about 1200 RMB.

I also had cataract surgery done there. Excellent work.

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