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COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

JanJal (1091 posts) • 0

At least my (foreign) insurance provider provides a "second opinion" service, which might be useful in some cases that don't necessarily require seeing in person.

In any case, if one has such insurance, might be worth to check what is their policy about vaccinating under special circumstances (such as heart conditions), or with the Chinese jab overall. In case there are complications, and you hope to be covered by the insurance.

Geezer (1937 posts) • 0

JanJal, good point. You need to be sure which vaccine is being given. In the US there are reports of adverse reactions to the vaccine(s) being given. When a vaccine is developed, tested and produced in an unbelievably short time using new, never used before technology, what could possibly go wrong? Given that US "science" is now politicized bad news is being suppressed. Bill Gates, not a doctor, scientist, or even educated, is investing a lot of money and driving both fear and panic. But hey, he is rich so again, what could possibly go wrong?

AlPage48 (1250 posts) • 0

Despite some negative reports (mostly in American media) I think I'm inclined to get the vaccination here in China if I can.

A return to Canada means I would probably need to wait to the end of 2022, which is simply too long.

vetimo (19 posts) • +1

Geezer, c'mon now! ;)

AlPage, a bit of good news for us expats living in China. Reports coming from the horse's mouth of German pharmaceutical BioNTech SE. Pending approval from local regulators, their shipment of 100 million doses to mainland China may be nigh. Initial reports of their rollout to the Chinese market was last December by Chinese drug supplier Shanghai Fosun. Red tape still needs to be ironed out. So keep an eye out for the possible entry of BioNTech while conducting your due diligence.

As you may know, BioNTech partners with Pfizer Inc. in the development of their more advanced mRNA vaccines. Based on aggregate data, over 90% efficacy (after two doses).

Presumably higher efficacy and safety based on data with more elders given the jab compared to the age restricted, incomplete/inconsistent data of Chinese vaccine counterparts.
Link to recent CaixinGlobal interview with Ugur Sahin, CEO and co-founder of BioNTech SE:


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