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COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

JanJal (1096 posts) • 0

Also our son's kindergarten (and I assume every other institution) alerted of outbreak in Ruili and had everyone report if anyone from their household has been in Ruili in past weeks.

AlPage48 (1256 posts) • 0

Back to the original topic of vaccine for foreigners.
My wife inquired about getting me vaccinated.

The doctor's reply was that at present they are only vaccinating people aged 18 to 59 because these people are most likely to travel more or interact with others more since this is the "working" population.

I'm a senior and well outside that age range.

There was no clarification of if/when there will be vaccination for foreign seniors.

JanJal (1096 posts) • 0

My wife got a message about vaccinations being available, and specifically she got it from same district office desk that processes my work permit.

The communication still failed to mention whether the vaccination is available for foreigners - could have been just to remind foreign-invested enterprises (one of which I'm managing) to get their Chinese staff vaccinated.

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