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Urgent advice for an old Chinese language student.

Joseph1 (4 posts) • +1

Folks I am in my mid 60s, Australian, learning Chinese privately, and happy with my progress with this complicated language. I was halfway through Hsk4, the language school declared to me, that they cannot get me student visa, because maximum age limit requirement is 60 in Yunnan. I am lost, I am

only here to study Chinese with my own finances and no other agendas. I intend to study if allowed up to completion of Hsk 6. Can you please advise what should I do to achieve my aim - do I have any Chance any where else in China that I can study Chinese at my age. Please let me know, kind regards.

michael2015 (779 posts) • 0

Highly recommend you contact either Max Peng or the Beijing Law firm that advertises on this website.

As an alternative to marrying a local and staying on a family visa, probably your only other option is to start your own company (WFOE aka Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise), which will then sponsor your own "work" visa.

At the risk of being repetitive (copied from another gokm post):

1. Beijing Yingke Law Firm


2. Yunnan Yu-Cong Enterprise Management Co., Ltd aka Max Peng

Both companies are well-known and well-respected with excellent reviews on gokm, with reasonably competitive fees. Max is extremely experienced with helping foreigners in Kunming et al startup WFOEs. Check out his reviews on this site.

AlPage48 (1373 posts) • 0

Starting a wholly foreign owned Enterprise can be an expensive undertaking, but possibly less expensive than marriage.

michael2015 (779 posts) • 0

Actually - the formerly expensive WFOE's can now be funded with "nominal" capital - but you do have to pay the minimum corporate taxes and annual maintenance fees (accounting, visa maintenance, etc).

Please discuss with Max@yu-cong or the Yingke attorneys for details and consulting service fees.

The upfront costs are non-trivial.

Assuming your desire is the Chinese language and culture - alternatives are anywhere in Taiwan except Taipei (expensive city), Hong Kong, and any of the countries and cities with a Confucius Institute.

Believe it or not, Chinese is also taught in neighboring SE Asia countries such as Thailand - but not sure if the instructors translate into Thai.

Regardless - talk to the legal experts for options and costs. Failing that - you can always do the tourist or business visas which permit up to 90 (?) day stays - jog down for border 24-hour to turn-around runs, then return...but this is currently complicated by the COVID quarantine rules.

Haali (1178 posts) • 0

it's blatantly ageist, but clearly China doesn't want any foreign retirees (it's got enough pensioners of it's own). If I were you I would go back to Australia and learn Chinese online or in a face to face class there. Good luck anyway!

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