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Forums > Study > Urgent advice for an old Chinese language student.

Folks I am in my mid 60s, Australian, learning Chinese privately, and happy with my progress with this complicated language. I was halfway through Hsk4, the language school declared to me, that they cannot get me student visa, because maximum age limit requirement is 60 in Yunnan. I am lost, I am

only here to study Chinese with my own finances and no other agendas. I intend to study if allowed up to completion of Hsk 6. Can you please advise what should I do to achieve my aim - do I have any Chance any where else in China that I can study Chinese at my age. Please let me know, kind regards.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Please don’t encourage bigotry

In classified section, someone is looking for a partner, but no Muslims. I know Islamophobia is sexy, and we know now racism , bigotry is rampant every where, you should not encourage discrimination, if you don’t, the next person will exclude Asians, Jews or Christians.

Forums > Study > Looking for language school

I am a mature Australian looking to study Japanese privately here in Kunming. If you know any good language schools, university language programs, please let me know. Many thanks.


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