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Passport for health check

veravdn (43 posts) • 0

Does anyone know if you need to bring your original passport for the health check?

(The 'regular' work permit health check that is, not the Covid-19 health certificate).

Right now I only have a picture of my passport and I'm pressed for time, so I'm hoping that that is enough for the health check.


AlPage48 (1243 posts) • 0

Let's extend that question to all health checks including the Covid-19 certificate.

Also, where are these checks done and what is the cost?

veravdn (43 posts) • +1


Let's not, because that's a different question: different hospitals, different prices, changing policies etc. Please feel free to make a new thread about questions concerning Covid-19 tests and related health certificates.

I specifically want to know about the usual health check for a work permit, which is done in the international travel health centre on Guangfu Lu.

Anyhow I'm going there now and will let you know if you can get it without showing your original passport.[...]

michael2015 (718 posts) • +1

I was there a few weeks (?) ago to renew my visa. You MUST bring your original passport.

If your passport is in the process of being renewed - you'll can try the passport copy with the embassy/consulate receipt - but your embassy/consulate is "supposed" to return your passport immediately after you apply for a renewal...but you should expect to be rejected, but never hurts to try...

veravdn (43 posts) • 0

My passport is in a different red tape process right now. I guess I'll just have to wait until I get it back, don't want to waste a whole morning by going down there and not being able to get the health check.

Thnx @michael2015!

JanJal (1087 posts) • 0

It may make a difference in leniency from Chinese authorities, whether your passport is unavailable because of other Chinese authorities, or foreign authorities.

Specifically, they may have more understanding if their own peers in other agency have "caused" the situation.

michael2015 (718 posts) • 0

There are two places you'll need to use your passport.

1. At the parking entrance (back of the compound) - where the security guards have you sign in.
2. Inside the health check building. You'll have to do the health check QR code thing to register first, before they'll see you. I needed the staff to help me through the QR code registration - so you MAY want to do that before you go. That way when they check again - it may already register you with the huge checkmark screen.

Second time I went, roughly a week later, to pick up the results - guards just waived me through after I signed in and showed them my passport again. The place is probably so under-utilized right now they probably remembered me from the week previously.

Aside from never really knowing which floor or room to go to - I managed to stumble my way through all the tests - but seriously out of order. If one exam room was busy - I'd just move on to the next check on the same floor (jump the queue) and come back to a previous test before I descend/ascend floors.

The staff will also have help you jump queues if you poke your head in and they're not busy. Get things done faster...

veravdn (43 posts) • 0

I got my passport back!

I'll go down tomorrow morning.

Thnx for the detailed info @michael2015

jj123 (85 posts) • 0

Does anyone know what the urine test is for?

And Blood test is for diseases?

(asking for a friend) :)

michael2015 (718 posts) • +1

Blood tests are for standard health screens - diabetes, blood pressure, etc and STDs (AIDS, HIV, hepatitis, etc). These are health checks - the government doesn't want you bringing STDs to china and they certainly don't want you dropping dead.

Urine test checks liver functions.

All tests are documented in the health check passport they issue roughly a week later.

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