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Visa Exit Question

Sophie2020 (3 posts) • 0

Making a visa exit at this time is becoming quite challenging.

I would like to know if anyone has tried to apply for an visa exit extension at this time. We called the number that was provided on this site and they can’t even see us or even want to talk to us at this time because exit isn’t until next week.
Does anyone has any information about the process?

Haali (1176 posts) • 0

the notice to foreigners I saw said that they may be more lenient than usual (usually they are not lenient at all - fines and even jail time are not unheard of) on people delayed in their exit by virus counter-measures. Depends what kind of visa you have, but you should try to get out asap if you cannot renew.

AlPage48 (1324 posts) • 0

The notice I read also said if the borders are still open at your destination then you have to go.

My 90 day stay limit is coming up in a few weeks and I actually want to go out for a bit of fresh air and warmer weather.

EddyC (36 posts) • +1

Agree with both Haali and AlPage48. You can always come back when things return back to normal. It will. But question of when.

Sophie2020 (3 posts) • 0

Thanks for the info.

Our tickets were canceled to leave so we are going to try for the extension. Of course, if anyone has already tried to apply before, please let us know.

AlPage48 (1324 posts) • 0

For those of us that are going to exit soon, is there still a requirement to arrive at the airport 4 hours before departure?
I understand this was to allow additional time for screening, but with so few passengers it shouldn't take so long.

Xiefei (533 posts) • 0

@AlPage48: That was never actually a real requirement. It was just something that spread on social media. People who followed that ended up waiting two hours for the check-in counters to open.

I would recommend showing up a little earlier than usual, but not that much.

EddyC (36 posts) • +1

The four hour arrival wasn't just some social media rumor. It was broadcasted on government run accounts.

On the safe side, follow Changshui Airport on wechat or weibo for more up-to-date status. Timely updates with videos/photos are posted:


From personal experience, I returned to Changshui (international terminal) over a week ago. Airport buses were completely drenched with disinfectant liquid. Disembarked passengers from plane couldn't even sit down because the seats were soaking wet, as were ceiling, hand rails, and floor of the airport bus.

If they are to disinfectant all the buses each time they pick up alighting or boarding passengers, this may cause delay.

Checking-in may also take longer as some airlines may try to reassign seats so that passengers sit as far away from one another as possible.

Also, there was a much longer queue than normal at the facial recognition & thermo sensor machines upon arrival. A speaker recording tells you to remove masks when accosting the machines. [Keep in mind, experts do not recommend pulling masks below your mouth under chin. Don't touch the cloth, but handle the strings. Removing masks completely from face is recommended in lieu of pulling down under mouth]

Passengers whose temperature were slightly higher were pulled to the side by attendants in full body protective yellow orangy suits and scanned individually. The scene was a bit chaotic despite being late at night at the international terminal. So I can't imagine domestic.

Keep in mind, my Changshui experience was amidst the holiday break for arrivals, not departures.

Though the airport was relatively emptier then, this week may be vastly different. Holiday extension have officially ended and traffic flow is supposedly picking up.

Xiefei (533 posts) • +2

I take that back. Changshui Airport is saying to come four hours ahead. When people were first saying that a week ago, it was actually being refuted by multiple official accounts. Looks like it's policy now.

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