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Bring in Mangosteen from Thailand

vagabond48 (75 posts) • 0

I thought I would ask this question even though, there may be an obvious answer. We are flying to Chiang Mai for a week and my wife wants to bring back a box of mangosteen. I know the fruit currently selling in the markets comes from Thailand so I thought customs might overlook this particular fruit.

l4dybug (71 posts) • 0

May I ask how much per kg over there?

Only ask because recently bought some for 12.8/kg in Kunming. Really sweet too. Usually just under 30/kg.

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

Mangosteen are falling in price now as they are more in season. If the mangosteen you buy in Thailand tip you over your baggage allowance, they won't be cheap anymore.

vagabond48 (75 posts) • 0

l4dybug, I don't know the price. Of course it would have to be A LOT cheaper than the comparable ones here or it would pay to bother.

tigertiger, I am always very careful when it comes to the weight of my carry-on and check-in.

All this is mute, if due to customs regulations, the fruits will be confiscated, so they can enjoy the "fruits" of my labor.

lemon lover (887 posts) • +1

There are two technical things related to this.
Even as fruit might come from the same place it does not mean that private import is allowed. A lot of fruit transported across borders has to undergo special treatment against pests such as insects and fungus and will come with the right documentation to proof so. Your personal import is not like this.
Chiang Mai lays at an altitude of about 300 metres thus about 1650 lower then Kunming. Quite some especially hard skinned fruits can’t handle a sudden atmospheric pressure change and will get bruised. I am not sure mangosteen can handle this.

l4dybug (71 posts) • +2

Vagabond, just two days ago the rates were 100THB for 3kg in Chiang Mai, or 33.3THB/kg.

In Chinese yuan that comes out to 7.5/kg. Pretty cheap thanks in part to RMB depreciation. But then again, you had to convert to Bahts from depreciated Yuan in the first place.

But imho, not worth the weight (heavy when many) of lugging them around only to risk being confiscated by customs.

Especially when these babies are just a few bucks more at miscellaneous Kunming vendors. Sometimes 10/kg if you're lucky.

If you discover even cheaper ones by distributors in Muang Mai, or perhaps come across arbitrary roadside farmer's trucks.... neither appearing to be tourist traps to ambush Chinese buyers. I suggest you binge on them in Thailand until you turn purple. Max out your mangosteen quota for this decade before returning to China.

But if you're an incorrigible addict, embark on finding out locally if you could ship out boxes to your Chinese address from nearby courier services, or mail directly from wholesalers themselves. Calculate if delivery rates are reasonable enough to justify this endeavor. I'm sure such requests are inquired by Chinese tourists on a daily basis over there.

vagabond48 (75 posts) • 0

I guess we will be returning to Kunming empty handed but with a full belly full of fruit including durian which we both love as well. Thanks for all the comments.

dolphin (509 posts) • -2

Whats a mangosteen anyway? Is that a lovechild between Bruce Springsteen and a mango?

It’s not good to eat fruit by the bucketload. It’s sugar.

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