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Where to find software?

sezuwupom (37 posts) • 0

Not an ad, nor promotion.

My post since deleted contained download links to legit unlocked software catering to OP's purposes.

This website probably do not endorse posting download links of free pirated software. No grievances held. The original price for that point of sale app costs a steep USD199. Supporting the app developer is fine with me.

Best of luck to entrepreneurs such as vikalina with business aspirations in Yunnan. May your catering business flourish.

vikalina (5 posts) • +1

I just do not know what I need) how can I write everything in detail? I'm just starting a business ...

JanJal (1050 posts) • 0

I would say that if you are asking about software, you should already have much of the rest figured out - if not, start figuring.

For example, do you operate from your home, or have you leased (or at least checked out) commercial premises? How big business is this? How much staff?
Expected first year revenue? Have you registered the company already? What about relevant permits (including possible foreigner's work permit)?

I think the software you might need comes quite a way into the process, unless your business idea somehow depends on software, for example more advanced automation in parts of the business. In which case you really should know in detail what you need already...

rekata (7 posts) • +7

In general, experience comes with years of hard work..When we started our business, we also did not understand much, did not take into account much. but continuing to work and without giving up we learned a lot and now we can proudly say that we have become successful. I'll ask my sister where I picked up the software and write to you.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • -4
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Good grief. Do an Internet search for software for small businesses. There will be dozens of sites recommending the top ten or twenty packages. Read them. If you see something that suits you in your price range download it. They will probably offer a time limited free trial for 30 days so you can try a few out.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • +2

Cloudy is right, as if the OP needs assistance to something that obvious.

Certainly smells like an ad or stup*dity. You have my backup pal. :)

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