Where to find software?

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +2

What software specifically? For windows?Andriod?IOS?

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Most business software is pretty generic. It all has a learning curve as well. You can run your business using an office suite of software (Microsoft Office, and equivalents, even Andriod and Ios).

Use spreadsheets for financials (accounts, billing, taxes), and even mailing lists. and for stock and order/inventory too.
You can use simple databases for customer info (database in some office suites) but you can also do this in spreadsheets.

Mailing, letter writing, labeling can be done with word processor software (like MS Word).
There are a lot of business specific packages, written by enthusiastic people with some software writing experience and a specific business need, these will cost you money, or pirated. From past experience, these packages, as they are not created by big software companies, are not supported by the vendor for very long. In 5 years time (not long at all) you could be stuck with obsolete software and a big job of transferring all of your data to a new system.

I am guessing that you already have office software, and so it won't cost you anything, apart from time learning how to use it more fully.

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If you don't currently have any software at all you might consider Microsoft Office 365.
There are multiple options available and one package includes word, excel, PowerPoint, access and publisher along with cloud storage, multiple users and multiple devices.
It can install on PC, Mac, tablets and phones, and files can be shared.
The software is licensed and you can get it paying either annual or monthly.

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@Dazzer, I believe he/ she thinks it is a stupid question because Vikalina has asked a question with very little information about what they are looking for i.e. platform for software (windows, ios, mac, linux), function of software (POS system, book keeping, inventory), the only information that was given is that it is for a catering business which in itself is still very little information as this could mean anything (bakery, chicken shop, caterer for functions). So is it a stupid (not stoopid) question? Yes it is, it is a stupid question without context and is unanswerable.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +1

Agreed. Case closed. On to the next stoopid question!

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