Where to find software?

JanJal (1068 posts) • 0

@herenow: "they are not going to search on the GoKunming forums"

They just might have to, if they had a grain of sense in them.

Business softwares generally require localization of some level, and in particular in Chinese context this is critical.

For example, how well is the software integrated to China's (or Kunming's for that matter) tax systems, fapiaos, or payment systems like WeChat or AliPay. Can it even produce physical documents, in Chinese language, that adhere to Chinese regulations.

herenow (350 posts) • +1

You have a point. I think most would still use a search engine to look for localized software, but I can see how some would look on GoKunming.

JanJal (1068 posts) • -1

They would use search engines, but if those search engines didn't link to this thread (as example among millions of others), they would be worthless.

herenow (350 posts) • 0

Google does link to this thread. However, it's more about rank order on the search results page than it is about linking.

And what matters is not whether they rank this particular thread highly, but whether they give a high rank to the most relevant information for a given query.

JanJal (1068 posts) • -1

First of all the search crawlers must find the page and link it. If that doesn't happen, there will no be ranking for it at all.

And secondly I'd be careful in assuming what people search or should search for.

In cases like this, website owners may have preferences over what queries they want their site to be discovered on, but someone could as well search for examples of marketing scams.

Should we, or anyone, dictate what people search?

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