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New e-bike rules 2019

OnTheHunt (4 posts) • +2

In case any of you are curious, I went directly to the head office in charge of e-bike/motorcycle regulation. Anything going over 50 period (if not registered before the 15th) will not be allowed within the second ring road and will only be allowed to have a motorcycle plate, not an e-bike plate. I had planned to get a different bike but was told it wouldn't be allowed inside city limits. So best get to registering.

If your bike is second hand you are required to have a paper with the bike number as well as signatures++fingerprints from the original owner (whose name is on the fapiao).

Haali (1176 posts) • +2

on the the 50kg thing; nearly all e-bikes are over 50kg (most closer to 100kg), apart from the little pedal bikes with little electric motors. Not every man woman and child with an e-bike is going to take the motorbike licence with all the time and hassle it requires.

OnTheHunt (4 posts) • +1

Sorry made a mistake. Over 50kg is true, but I meant to also write over 25km/h. Either way, register your shit or deal with them actually being able to take your bike later.

tigertiger - moderator (5096 posts) • 0

One good thing is it will stem the sale of the larger, faster, heavier, ebikes. And those that do stay on the road will be ridden by those who have had training, and have a license to lose if they still ride like a bat out of hell.
In the last few years it has been like a power race to build the fastest longest range machines. Few tech advances, beyond bigger motors and more batteries.
If the ebikes newly classified as Moto are allowed to use the roads, the cycle lanes will also be safer for people on slower vehicles including bicycles.

OnTheHunt (4 posts) • +2

>If the ebikes newly classified as Moto are allowed to use the roads, the cycle lanes will also be safer for people on slower vehicles including bicycles.

They are allowed to use the roads....outside city limits which makes the bike itself useless. This is strictly trying to phase out electric vehicles. In typical fashion it's a good idea with terrible implementation. I would love to get a license and have freedom to drive on the roads. Most speed limits are 40km/h. The cars in town break the speed limit basically nonstop making it unsafe unless your bike can maintain 60+.

Yet at the same time there's 0 chance it's safe for you to drive 40 down a lane with bicyclists who don't know how to ride a bike constantly weaving back and forth. Or the grandma's going 15km/h on their pedal scooters. It's lose lose really.

The safest actual solution is really to just go plateless and drive on the road like normal e-motos do everywhere else in the world. Safer for you as a rider, and safer for the dumbass people doing 15 on e-bikes down the middle of the lane.

Electric vehicles are one of the best things about China imo. I sincerely hope they don't keep going down this path of enforcement when it should be going the opposite direction. Stop the people driving backwards. Make a license required. Enforce speed limits inside the city for cars. If cars weren't speeding nonstop then it'd be safer for the majority of e-bike/motos that can easily do 40+.

OnTheHunt (4 posts) • 0

Right, because again, driving on the road like a motorized vehicle is supposed to is so crazy. If you've bought legitimately branded scooters/ebikes (i.e. those sold in other countries) they're road legal everywhere else. Driving with bicycles is not safe and pedal scooters is not safe.

If your idea of danger is driving then it might be best if you stayed inside.

To add something useful to the thread, you can get your motorcycle license transferred here by taking the car exam and translating your license. The moto license obviously includes scooters as well. So for others who have their license in their home country as well, you may as well get the license since it lasts awhile and the exam is super simple after you practice their translated questions.

Dazzer (2813 posts) • 0

then the safest things to do is to all buy a car and drive everywhere, including no walking on the streets, no bikes ebikes or moto and no buses as that would need people to walk on the streets. or to ban all vehicles and everyone has to walk

tigertiger - moderator (5096 posts) • +1

I would not assume that the moto license covers e-scooters as well. I assumed that the moto license for 2 wheelers or the car license would cover 3 wheel motors. Apparently neither do.

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