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Hey! I need to head to Macau from Kunming in mid-August. I've checked out flight tickets and they seem a bit steep. Does anybody out there have any tips for getting to Macau on the cheap? Or what alternatives are there to flying directly there? Should I head to Hong Kong first and then take a boat? Or take some combination of trains (to Shenzhen?), planes and boats to get there? Thank you so much for your help -- I really appreciate it!

debaser (615 posts) • +1

One way is to take a (high speed) train to Shenzhen and then a ferry to Macau. there are more direct and faster routes but that way might be the cheapest.

Geezer (1863 posts) • +1

When I had to go to Hong Kong, I would fly to Zhuhai, stay in a much cheaper hotel, and go to HK by ferry for the day. Macau is just a walk across the border.

It seemed to be cheaper but I had friends and clients in HK, Zhuhai and Macau who booked flights and hotels for me with good discounts. Not sure about costs these days. Zhuhai airport is a bit out of town but a shuttle bus met the flights. Not sure about costs these days.

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You can also change trains at Guangzhou. If you really want to save money, take the ordinary train to Guangzhou that leaves every morning from Kunming main station. It takes about 25 hours. I've done it dozens of times, hard sleeper (I think middle bunk is best, nobody sits on it when you want to sleep) - I can sleep fine but it takes too long. Really cheap, of course, is to go hard seat, but I wouldn't recommend it.
Ordinary seat on the fast trains is excellent and roomy and I stayed interested most of the time just looking out the window. Even the food is okay, damn sight better than anything on an airplane - on the ordinary trains it's lousy.

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If you can find a cheap flight to HKexpress, then you could take a ferry from HK airport to Macau.

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I usually find that flights to Shenzhen are cheaper than HK, and more frequent as well. There are ferries from Shenzhen airport to Macau, both outer harbor and Taipa.

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