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How to get a student visa

peter_cn (6 posts) • 0

Thanks for sharing this useful information.

Additionally to your point 6.)
- Try to apply in your home country

- If not possible consider HK or Chiangmai (they took my papers in Bangkok but returned the passport empty - rejected)

bubblyian (13 posts) • 0

Update 13 June - I have just been told (one day before scheduled collection!) that my passport will NOT be ready tomorrow as they have "run out of special visa paper". They do not know how long it will now be! I will update you if/when I get further news!

iTeach (96 posts) • +1

ignore the vicar comment,, serious thread,, pointless 'funny' remark leading to confusion.

bubblyian (13 posts) • +3

Update 25 June - passport arrived back at language school, no warning, got student visa - 10 months unlimited entry! Now need to return to police station to register new visa number, otherwise complete!

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