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Metro: X-Ray Scanner and Aerosols

Burgon (42 posts) • 0

I’ve just passed through the routine bag scanner on the metro and for the first time I was pulled over and my aerosol deodorant was taken off me. He showed me the “flammable” label and continued on his way. I’ve never had this problem and have always carried an aerosol through the bag X-ray with no issues.

I think he was an over-zealous newbie wanting to make his mark. Even the girls who scanned me seemed a little perplexed!

Have I just been lucky up until now or is it an actual regulation!? Deodorant is pricey stuff here.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • +1

He was right to take your aerosol. It is flammable and is contains compress air.

Yes you have been lucky up to now(imho). I suggest you don't carry that with you if you have to go through x-ray checkpoints. I use roll-on or even the stick. What do you call pricey? Don't take it personal. It's for the safety of everyone and not just you. Happy travels.

Burgon (42 posts) • 0

Thanks for the clarification.
Hah! Didn’t take it personally.

Pricey meaning more expensive than Europe.

michael2015 (698 posts) • 0

Hm. That PROBABLY also means cigarette lighters also banned?

I know they're absolutely banned at airports - but now also train stations?

tigertiger - moderator (5083 posts) • 0

Implementing airline regs on the metro is a catch all simple policy. I believer they may even do this on long distance buses now.

Cigarette lighters are usually carried in pockets are do not get picked up.

debaser (635 posts) • +1

Beer isn't permited on the metro. A friend was stopped after his shopping trip to Metro because he had a six pack of beer in the bag. He could luckily just catch the bus home.

Geezer (1932 posts) • 0

Really surprised about metro restrictions for carryon stuff. Airport security people are well trained and work in teams but not sure about metro and bus station Nazi wannabes. At least you can turn around and walk away and catch a taxi.

Some flying rules I have run into:

You can carry ONE cigarette lighter on your person. It cannot be in your carryon luggage.

There are restrictions on lithium batteries as well: size, number, and total watt or amp hours. In the US there are regulations but each airline has its own rules. I can, for example, fly with my power chair on Delta but not United.

Multiple spare lithium batteries for cameras and battery banks can be a problem.

Other items prohibited: tent pegs, badminton racquets, fishing rods, and tools.

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