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Foreigner’s work permit card

ptkm09 (7 posts) • +1

I just renewed my work permit and I got a card similar to a Chinese ID-card. There is my picture, work permit number - 18 digits, QR-code, category...
What can be done with this card?

nnoble (889 posts) • +2

You can open an online bank account. When travelling, you can use the card at an automatic ticket machine to verify your identity, whereas before you had to take your passport to a ticket booth. And of course, you can leave your passport in a safe place rather than carrying it on your person. There are probably numerous benefits.

ptkm09 (7 posts) • +1

Great, makes life easier. I had a look at a Chinese ID-card, there is also a 18-digits number. In future I will enter this number to verify my identity instead of passport number.

Xiefei (539 posts) • +2

Has there been any confirmation that this actually works as ID? I was under the impression that these new numbers were permanent, and would be used for tax records, but still would not work as ID numbers, at least for now.

Napoleon (1187 posts) • 0

Doesn't work as an ID card at all. The format isn't the same, online payments won't recognise it and also the card is to be kept at your place of employment, it's for the school more than you.

The Scouser (41 posts) • 0

I asked the PSB when I got mine, after someone mentioned to me the ID card thing. He told me - Its a work card for your work, it's not for carrying about and it can't be used for anything other than registering an address and place of work.

Hotwater (205 posts) • 0

Unfortunately nnoble is wrong. The new foreigner work permit cards don’t have any other uses...

nnoble (889 posts) • +1

@hotwater I totally believe you. My comments were based on the, usually, ultra reliable individual who organises my work visa and Expert Certificate.

I was told of the introduction and the ways in which I would be able to use it. Clearly, this was incorrect. As I said on a similar current thread, it replaces the Foreign Expert certificate (booklet) which is of no use to me and could easily reside in the university rather than my wallet as Napoleon has stated. In the event, I will never get one since there is far too much of China I want to see outside of classrooms. It's been great working, but now a tourist visa is what I need before I depart.

michael2015 (776 posts) • 0

I sometimes use my card as a bookmark, a ruler for drawing short lines...aside from its uses as a thick piece of plastic.

I THINK it'll work as an interim ID, with PSB, while you go home and retrieve your passport. It does NOT suffice as ID for travel on planes, trains, and busses (although busses might be fooled).

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