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Foreigner’s work permit card

Nicepal (4 posts) • 0

For those foreigner who has the Chinese ID card, may I know what Category letter appeared on your ID? I am senior engineer and I have "B".

AlexKMG (2366 posts) • 0

Here is the ranking system. I'd say A is for department head level or an extremely high paid 26 year old technical consultant with a PhD. B is probably everyone else. And C for short term work, like trade show reps.


Hotwater (205 posts) • 0

@ Kongming. No, the new work permit cards are useless.

You need to check what you’re entering wrong on Alipay. It’s fine with my (British) passport. Are you entering your name correctly?

michael2015 (733 posts) • 0

Alipay expects a Chinese ID with 18 digits - dunno if this STILL works, but pad your US passport # with 9 leading zeroes to achieve an 18 digit number.

That should satisfy the 18 digit thing - but it also appears these services are increasingly verifying "real ID's" with PSB databases - and THAT may be why your registration is failing.

You'll have to contact Alipay directly - and work with a supervisor to try to get your passport properly registered - this will include sending scanned photos of your passport and current visa - to verify you're legally entitled to the services.

If you're like most expats - your visa is only 1 year - so this requires the hassle of renewing your docs with alipay, WeChat, and your chinese bank whenever your visa or passport expires - depending on which date(s) the service uses as the expiration date.

Hotwater (205 posts) • +1

@michael2015. I’ve got Alipay & Wechat linked to my UK passport only using the actual passport number, no need for extra digits. I’ve never, from memory, linked/uploaded my resident permit when it has changed.

I agree he should contact Alipay customer services but the problems won’t be caused by what you suggested. Possibly an issue with linking bank card & passport. Sometimes bank staff add our names slightly differently to our passports. That then causes problems.

Napoleon (1187 posts) • 0


You have an Alipay, you just want to link it to your account am I right?

Problem won't be with Alipay but some banks won't allow a none ID card number to be linked, as was originally the case with my account.

The only get around is to open an account with one of the banks that do, I remember BOC and IBOC being ones that worked fine by linking a passport.

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