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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Tiger leaping gorge hike with kids

We travelled to Tina’s Youth hostel located in the middle of the gorge and did the one day hike they recommend. Our son is 11 years old and found it a tough but doable hike. It was REALLY breathtakingly beautiful and the food at Tina’s is good and affordable. The rooms have spectacular views of the mountain.

We took a private car with a driver from Lijiang to Tina’s but they also have a bus leaving daily from Lijiang. You will find them on The Tibetan Guest House is also very popular and has a great atmosphere. Tina’s is perfectly located for the hike, though.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Travel overland to India

Has anyone recently traveled overland to India? Any advice about routes, borders and visas would be appreciated. We would like to end up in Delhi and need to consider flights, trains, busses, etc. Time is not an issue. Thanks!


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