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Dentist in Kunming

jopasny (181 posts) • 0


Thanks for the tip! Yeah, I've heard of this aversion to anesthetics, but it's reassuring to know they'll accommodate wimps like me.

I'll check out the Lanchie and Berder by Nanya today and see how I feel, but otherwise perhaps a dental dept in a hospital as you mentioned. Language shouldn't be a big problem, although my Chinese lacks a lot of specifics related to dental vocabulary. My wife can fill in the rest if necessary. Thanks again!

AlexKMG (2353 posts) • +1

Bring your phone and Google or some other translate site or app. Great for medical and dental terms and pharmacology.

AlPage48 (1117 posts) • +3

I've always been a terrified wimp at the Dentist, but Huiying has managed to get me to almost fall asleep during a root canal, and it was close to pain free. If I wanted anesthetic they would have given it.

tigertiger (5000 posts) • +2

We were told that the best dental department is in Kunhua (I think that is Yunnan People's No1 Hospital) It is the one next to Jinbi Square, on Jinbi Lu. If memory serves it is on the ground floor of the first building behind the gate, at the very back of the building behind the lobby area.

redjon777 (550 posts) • +2

Went to the one that is in Yunnan peoples No 1 hospital and had a tooth taken out yesterday. Tigers directions were correct apart from it is based on the 5th floor of that building.
The place is a very large dental practise with many dentists busy working away but as I was a foreigner the head of the department did the procedure on me, so can only be a plus I guess.

Good luck that no one needs to use it though ;o)

JanJal (902 posts) • 0

Visited a branch of Berder Dental at Baiyun Road/Beijing Road intersection today to ask, and was told that (at the moment) they have 1 German dentist who rotates between the 3 branches in Kunming. To get appoint for him, you need to book 2 days in advance.

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