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The Ice Boy

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Has anyone ever noticed that Chinese school children rarely seem to wear a hat and gloves when they go outside during the winter? I constantly pester kids about this, but they don't seem to think there's a problem.

vicar (803 posts) • 0

The teacher's reaction is have the whole class gawp and laugh at him whilst getting the phone out. Poor kid just walked miles. We've just had an article on rural development. Let's start by sorting this little kids hands out and arranging some winter wear.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Do you have 100% confidence in your assessment of the teachers actions and motives?

michael2015 (645 posts) • 0

According to the article, the teacher showed this student along with his near perfect test score - showing the resilient and admirable character of this child under what most would view as intense hardship.

As for actively doing something about it - the article also notes that China Youth donated about ¥10k in heating equipment for the school and has also invested in clothes for ALL the school kids to help combat the cold weather.

As for hat and gloves issue for school kids:
1. Schools have dress code policies. My daughter and her entire school was banned from wearing a surgical mask at school when the flu was taking down all the kids in her school. I told her to ignore the asinine school rule and the asinine principal and teachers can deal with me directly for this alleged discipline violation. For the record - she reports generic surgical masks are now tolerated aka ignored, during flu and cold season, making her now standout as the school a good way. Her teacher recently confirmed her tuition has doubled...but none of the other parents have mentioned this in the school group's chatter. No surprise there. Yes - it's a breach of "contract" but no contract was ever signed (just a receipt) so we'll see if they have guts. Again - reverting to the career government employee rule - of gutless administrators...good luck with that.
2. Kids in chinese schools are extremely self conscious about standing out or deviating from the norm. If NOBODY wears a cap and gloves to school (because it also deviates from school dress code), NOBODY will wear anything different - such as a cap and gloves, regardless of sense or function over form. If you want your kids to wear a cap and gloves to school - you need to first secure permission from the school principal - they then need to issue dress codes, so they don't spawn yet another dress parade and fashion show, along with parental drama with their kids (eg gucci gloves, chanel/armani et al designer caps, etc). Good luck with that - career government officials prefer to stand perfectly still and let someone else innovate. I could go on about the escalation process you'd have to follow - but you'd just get depressed and wonder how anything ever gets done in a country mired in administerium.

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Sometimes there are things that we just can't understand why it happens. Clearly an invisible hand led to these series of event.

As bad as it was for him and is for them on a daily basis, because someone took the picture and spread it on the internet, things are changing. I believe in destiny. Imagine if there was no internet? The children would have never been heard. Nice to read that there's a ray of sunshine shining their way. God bless the child.

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