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Yahoo and train tickets

Sunrise2012 (18 posts) • 0

So glad this forum is here to ask these questions :-)

1. Is yahoo mail still accessible in China, I know gmail isn't, just wanna make sure I have an account I can access.

2. Need 4 soft sleeper train tickets, to lijiang for a trip only a few days after arrival in Kunming...was concerned they might be booked out...I see you can book tickets on Ctrip...anyone got any experience of this...would need to pick up tickets at a ticket office...just wanna make sure they would recognize a Ctrip booking???? We usually go to ticket office on Wuyi Lu, but we have always bought them in person a few weeks in advance on previous stays in Kunming...this would be first time booking through Ctrip ...is this straight forward to the ticket staff???? (Can speak fairly good Chinese)

Thanks oh wise ones:-)

redjon777 (560 posts) • +1

1. Edited first answer as I've just done the easy thing I should of done first and clicked on yahoo mail :o) Yes it works fine.

2. Have to wait for an even wiser person to answer ;o)

Philou (208 posts) • +1

2. when buying on Ctrip you get a confirmation code, so you just need that and your passports to get your tickets at the counter at the train station.

Just be careful to type your full names just like on your passports, had a bad experience recently: middle names were missing and they wouldn't give the tickets!

Some more info directly from Ctrip: english.ctrip.com/[...]

OceanOcean (1166 posts) • 0

Yahoo is working for me only 50% of the time without a VPN. So not blocked, but flaky (for me, anyhow).

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Yahoo is not a brilliant site for news, but it works consistently for me here - perhaps there was a glitch for a week or so once, but that was a long time ago, can't quite remember.

Sunrise2012 (18 posts) • +2

just to update...we went to pick up our tickets from Wuyi ticket office and they said we had to go to the station...even though ticket confirmation said pick up from any ticket office in China.

Just to let others know...could be just a one off thing...but be prepared :-)

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