Looking for childfreindly activities

Grant D (1 post) • +1

We are from South Africa, and in Kunming until 9th Dec while my husband has medical treatment and our 9yr old son is desperate to meet other children.

Does anyone have any advice on how or where we can go...he is a very lively person and happy even if english not great..any ideas would be most welcome!!

tigertiger (4673 posts) • +3

In the Aegean Shopping Mall, on the corner of Guangfu Lu and Lujia Lu, there is a mini icerink (about 25m long) with other kids activities around it. I think this is the 4th or 5th floor. Last time I was there on a weekend there were kids running around in a bit of a free-for-all (a rare thing in China). These were all local Chinese kids.
About 1km SW of there, is a children's amusement park, tucked away on the NE side of 1903 Park (not a park but a real estate development) next to/under the elevated highway (entrance to 1903 Park from Qianwei W Lu), look for the big gaudy strangely shaped walls about 8m tall. I am not sure if this has opened yet.

Lanajot (31 posts) • +3

Hi! We are also South Africans and our son is also nine years old. :-) We plan to go and watch the Kunming Rugby Club when they play a match on Saturday. Send me a personal message if you're interested in meeting up. Our son would love the company. Lana du Plessis (Phone or Wechat 15925106416)

Alien (3819 posts) • 0

Lots of kids everywhere.

Often a few Chinese, non-Chinese & part Chinese kids at the DT Bar courtyard on Sunday afternoons after about 3:30, but they're mostly ages about 4-8. They run around and seem to be having a good time.

michael2015 (528 posts) • +2

Dance studio for kids (contemporary such as hip-hop, line dancing, etc). Stroll along wenhua xiang (also sorta known as Salvador's Street, for obvious reasons) and peek inside the stores - you'll see a glass walled dance studio inside.

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