hobby electronics components store?

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Does anyone know whether there are any hobby electronics stores in Kunming?

I want to buy 10uF capacitors for use in a circuit with an arduino (microcontroller).

I know I should learn to use taobao, but that will require getting

alipay setup and finding an address where things don't get lost etc. and will take a few days or weeks or trial and error.

Would be much faster if anyone knows of a shop somewhere...

Thank you :)

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I looked, even in Shanghai there are now such shops aimed at retail hobbyists, there are electronics markets, but you need to buy things in bulk. I wanted to buy LEDs and resistors. They would laugh at me and sell me single LEDs but resistors I had to buy by the 100.

If it is a one off taobao purchase, ask someone else who has an account to buy for you. You could contact Taiji Julia www.gokunming.com/en/users/profile/34495/taijijulia who has offered to do this for people in the past.

You may still need to buy in bulk, but using taoboa will save you lots of money on shoe leather, bus fares, and wasted time. Note, small items on taobao, e.g. cost 1rmb will have 10rmb postage, but if you buy 10, postage will be free.

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If anyone else is trying to buy stuff on RS, it saves a lot of time that there is an English translation in the bottom left corner when you hover over each link (since the page URL is in English). Much faster than trying to read 'passive components' in Chinese :D.

Apart from that I found the Mouser store easier to navigate but they seem to have a minimum order price, perhaps Y150 I've forgotten.

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If you still need a 10uF (electrolict I guess) capacitor I can give you some. I usually buy electronic components on TaoBao, very cheap and quite fast. I also used to play with Arduino and ESP controller :)

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thanks!! that's very kind. I have one now,

in the end I found one among all my components and I also almost got an order through on one of the websites (though need to do it again due to Alipay problem), but thanks again!

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common online pay problem here is that chinese banks like internet explorer and hate google chrome. if your not using explorer try changing

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