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@BlueBird - If your baby is to be born in China, then his/her birth certificate will only have a chinese characters name. Authorities wont allow both chinese & english name on birth certificate. Do you have an official chinese surname that your baby can have? if you dont have, you might consider registering your baby through your consulate here in China. Talk to your consulate official & discuss that you will be registering your baby's name both in English (using your surname) and Chinese (using your wife surname). You may also consider delivering your child in Hong Kong.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Second hand guitars

Hi Lanajot, affordability varies a lot. May I know how much are you willing to pay for a black Yamaha acoustic- electric guitar bundel model APX500 with built-in tuner originally bought at Tom Lee music store in Hong Kong last year.


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Only time will tell, whether this new buildings will make things better or worse. Eventually, we cannot go backward, we must all move forward and progress. High-rise building is a huge investment (in billions of RMB) and it is also a sign of economic development. All of this developments are linked to the government "One Belt, One Road" initiative & it is anticipated that Yunnan will be a new hub center among nearby countries.

This 219-meter skyscraper located at Huancheng Xi Lu will be dwarf by a new 345-meter skycraper located at Dong Fung Dong Road by the end of next year. Also, just a few blocks from this new skycrapper, Shangri-La Hotel is currently being constructed. That means Kunming is progressing quickly. The downside is that cost of living (rental & basic commodities) will go up. Property prices will definitely be in upward trend. So, if you have extra cash savings on-hand, a good unsolicited advice is to invest in Kunming property. My old mentality is: "Why should I invest in KM property, I will not be staying in KM for too long". A quick answer is, you can sell the property, when you leave KM. A similar experience I had in Shenzhen 8 years ago when I purchased my flat at RMB5,000 per square meter, today it can be sold at least RMB50,000 per square meter. There are no regets when you purchase a flat, it is a physical tangible asset, it can be rented out or you can live-in it. As China population grows and dispensable house-hold income increased, more and more people will be looking for a place to live, hence property prices will go up. Therefore if you invested in a couple of properties today, you will have a better retirement in the near future :-)


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