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why should we learn English

李迎富 (11 posts) • +4

Hello ,this is class 2017,physics class,Yunnan University.Welcome everyone to post your idea about the question why we should learn English.

Dazzer (2813 posts) • +1

simple answer, because your mummy and daddy want you to. now the question is, why do your mummy and daddy want you to learn english? universities are just meeting demand. who is creating the demand? it is domestic, not foreign devils creating the demand. the answer is closer to home.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • +5

Because English, for historical reasons - ultimately the "success" of British imperialism - has become the most useful second language to learn if you want to travel and do business around the world. Probably the second most useful world language is Spanish. The situation may change of course but I'm sorry to say I don't think Chinese has much of a chance of become a world language unless it ditches its beautiful but archaic writing system. The overhead of learning thousands of characters is just too great for it to attract enough second language learners prepared to see it through.

dr. chibbles (36 posts) • +6

Learning a second language, English or not, exposes you to new cultures, ways of thinking and helps you meet people from outside of your own country/comfort zone. All great bonuses to have regardless of what profession you may chose in life.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • +1

Totally agree with Dr Chibbles. There are thousands of languages in the world. Learning a language that isn't widely spoken can even be a good career move. No need to restrict yourself to English.

廖书傲 (4 posts) • +3

English is the world most using language playing an important tool of communication among our lives. For us , we'll usually read articles with English words ,or use software exploited by international companies. Those promote us to achieving high English level. Recently, it's a difficulty that we have in this tool to use it as previously mentioned. Thus,we should and will learn English till we can truly master the whole skills in English.

In brief, the recent English level of us is far away from enough. We are still on the way even close to the beginning.

930jiang (1 post) • +2

it is necessary for us to learn English in this world.First of all,English is a very useful language and it is the most powerful tool for us to creat the new world which belong to us.By using English,we can chat with foreigners and exchange our different ideas.What's more,there's a lot of country using english as their official language,so if we need to deal with these countrys,we must learn to say English. As someone says,your mother think you should learn English well,and it is good for yourself.

919sun (1 post) • 0

“Why do we learn English?” is a question I have been asking myself.
When I was a middle school student, I thought the teacher forced me to study, because when I didn’t learn well, I will be punished by the teacher. I didn’t like it, because it was difficult for me, I use a lot of time on English, but I didn’t study it well, I were punished by my teacher all the time, so I was afraid to learn English at that time.
When I became a high school student, I began to force myself to learn English, because I deeply realized that if I can’t learn English well, I can’t go to my favorite university.
When I became a university student, I fell exciting that I can’t go to anyone who is forced me to learn English, but when I have interested in learning physics ideas only to find the importance of English, I deeply understand that if you want to learn more advanced knowledge of physics, you should learn English well, because the top academic papers of physics are published in English, if I want to read it, I must learn English well. Another reason, English as an international language, more and more people communicate in English. If we can't speak English, it will add a lot of trouble when communicating with international friends. So I think learn English is very important today.

925guan (1 post) • +1

In order to communicate with other countries,we should learn English.As the world language,English is the most important universal language in the world.The number of people who speak it has more than any language.On the one hand,if we proficient in English,we can discovor the most progressive information around the world,the advanced information will increase our knowledge to improve ourselves,then we can create wealth for our country.On the other hand,proficient in English can broaden our vision,it always be regard as the official language,and about one-third of the world's population speak English.It is indisputable that we should learn many advanced technologies from some western countries.In a word,English is so necessary that we should study it.

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