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Laowai online high speed train ticket purchase

dtedheshidtedheshi (46 posts) • 0

Hi all.

My wife and I recently tried to buy tickets online for the high speed train from Kunming to Guannan and were told we needed to register my passport to be approved for online ticket sales. I can't find a website to do this.

Any suggestions? I can buy them at the ticket office but not online. Thanks in advance.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • +1

You dont mention your location. If you are in, say USA, theres always 'the old way' to contact CITS or some of those old dusty travel agencies and try to use their services. At least they cater for larger tours, couples may be slightly more tight. Then theres agencies in Hong Kong that can do this stuff. At least they used to. Theres this thing of course, some known established agencies may not even bother a couple, profit is so small. But anyway, that could be worth a try. If you are in Yunnan there are sales points in some cities. Some hotels have also taken care of this, probably those guesthouses can do. If you are abroad you could also check with your hotel.

Anyway, if your question is solely about the registration webpage for passport, and how to buy online, sorry, no clue.

AlPage48 (1353 posts) • +1

I had a friend purchase a ticket for me in Chengdu, to go to Chongqing. I still needed to go to the train station with the e-ticket number and my passport to get the actual paper ticket. People with Chinese ids could do that last bit at a local shop, but not us foreigners.

This was 18 months ago. I hope something has changed since then.

Dennis K. (16 posts) • +1

Use Ctrip.com or qunar.com register with your phone number, you'll recieve a message, come to the trainstation before departure show them the message and get your ticket in the ticket window, easy

scorpion85 (18 posts) • +2

Its just once you need to buy ticket at ticket office, your information is saved for next time and then you can buy it online.

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