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malipao/vietnam border crossing open but..........

jiangwu (33 posts) • 0

Recently i went to Hagiang, Vietnam passing through the tianbao boarding crossing in wenshan county. I don't think that foreigners frequently pass through this point as entering 'nam I was held for what seemed like an hour and entering back in I was taken to a room and asked many questions including what religion i was and what places i visited in 'nam. Also, once the Vietnamese stamp your passport you cannot get another stamp for 30 days and must pay 5 US dollars for a paper visa.

Napoleon (1187 posts) • -1

Why not just go to the consulate in Kunming and get a visa then cross the border at a normal place where you're across with minimal fuss or even just fly in?

I would understand if you said it was the adventure of it all but it sounds like this is what you're complaining about.

Is it the expense? Doing things on the cheap has a habit of bringing up unessesary problems, that's the risk you run with cheap.

Let's not make visiting Vietnam into some dangerous complicated procedure, its something done thousends of times a day mostly without incident by normal people.

Dazzer (2813 posts) • 0

does the vn consulate in kmg issue visas to non prc citizens? not all consulates do, i know the thai one didnt

lemon lover (990 posts) • 0

It is well known that you can get a visa at the Vietnamese consulate here in KM without problems.
What is interesting about this post is that you might get one at the border at this little known crossing.
Jiangwu please elaborate more on this. For instance is it posible for non-chinese?

jiangwu (33 posts) • 0

I entered Vietnam twice. The first time at the Tianbao crossing to go to Hagiang and I was visa exempt so they just stamped my passport. The second time a week later I entered at Hekou to go to Laocai but the Vietnamese customs officer saw that I had already entered vietnam a week earlier and I was told I'd have to pay this time for a sticker visa

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