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can you buy these things in Kunming?

Bamei (36 posts) • 0

Funny that you start with three items that are indicated with their brand name.
Do you really want these brands or just a generic item?

djtutolo (10 posts) • 0

I need an OSTER blender because it's blade housing fits on standard ball jars. Jars could be Kerr or ball. Not sure if Chinese made jars have same standard opening as US jars. Also that specific brand of juicer can handle the hard meat of mature coconuts without over heating or braking. Trying to determine whether I should bring mine with me or just buy one there. Thx

Bamei (36 posts) • +2

Seriously suggest that you stay within the borders of the US.
If you are worried about the hardness of juicer blades and the sizes of jar openings then going abroad is not the thing for you.

djtutolo (10 posts) • 0

for anyone interested I have found that Omega 220V juicers can be bought off of taobao and any of the following models will be able to handle juicing the meat of mature coconuts: J8226, J8227, NC802, CNC82. Ball jars can also be found there as well as 220V Oster blenders. Appreciate everyone's input.

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