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Lijiang violence in Nov 2016

Haali (1137 posts) • 0

12 men beating a couple of women half to death. Real tough guys! Must have some close police connections for the police not even to investigate, they obviously know who did it.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

may be mistaken identity but either way looks like someone was sending a message. random attack by drunks would not take womans stuff and leave phones. random attack and oportunist theft would not leave phones. taunting sounds like perps preparing themselves for the fight. filming it sounds like premedidated and maybe getting proof for boss. add police uniwilling to do anything till forced to by social media made it public

JanJal (1029 posts) • 0

Such mutilating attack on women is something you would hear from India, and China has long been comparing themselves to India to brag about development of women's rights in the country.

This kind of news would not go well with those comparisons.

Considering that this news only surfaced recently (though happened more than 2 months ago), and the premier visited the province in Jan 23, I almost suspect it was covered up intentionally by provincial authorities to prevent high profile negative case (with possible international impact) in preparation to the premier's visit.

voltaire (225 posts) • 0

Both Lijiang and Dali are awash with violence and gangs, often police are part of these networks. (Sources: Personal experiences, local business proprietors, long term residents).

Lijiang is widely known to have a high proportion of involvement by North East Chinese gangs, who are known China-wide for their thuggish nature and migrated there on mass about a decade ago.

It is unfortunate that China has such a relaxed attitude to local corruption.

Perhaps the telephones of police and those who interact with them regularly (eg. spouses, immediate family) should constantly be big-data (metadata) surveilled by the state to help detect corruption and create transparency.

In addition, any and all visitors to and interactions with high ranking police at their place of work should be video surveilled by out of province authorities. This is not technically difficult.

mrtnbtz (2 posts) • 0

Not that I had been surprised if it had really been covered up, but end of January it was all over the news. Friends at Luguhu (Lijiang) were talking about it daily. Just baidu 丽江打人抢劫事件.

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